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Blueberry Loofah Body Wash and Exfoliant

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Blueberry Loofah Body Wash and Exfoliator, for an incredible sense of well-being and radiant skin! A Natural Exfoliation for those rough spots such as heels and elbows.


Do you like natural exfoliants and blueberries fruity scent? Our Blueberry Loofah Body Wash and Exfoliator is for you!

Our loofah soap is specially formulated to remove dead skin cells while leaving your skin smooth, soft and radiant. The generous foam of our loofah exfoliant will rehydrate and pleasantly perfume your skin.

Note that the unique texture of loofah deep cleanses your skin while improving blood circulation which helps reduce the formation of fat deposits.

What is Loofah?

Loofah is an exotic fruit from Asia (cousin of cucumber and zucchini), which, when dried, gives a 100% natural and vegetable sponge. It is this dried fruit that gently exfoliates your skin.